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Looking for a Gold-Rush Town Named Chinese Camp

Four aging horses dragged us through the manzanita and boulders, the stagecoach swerving dangerously with each bump and wiggle. The children shrieked with excitement as we threaded our way through Columbia State Historic Park, a mining…

The indigenous keepers of the Outback’s secrets

White settlers arrived in the Central and Western Deserts of Australia's interior – the Great and Little Sandy deserts and the Tanami, the Simpson and Victoria deserts – in the 19th Century. Before they did, indigenous Australians lived…

Where people live in harmony with lions

Over the years that followed his first kill, Saitoti killed four more lions. He was one of the best lion killers of his generation, a hero to his people. The Maasai simply couldn't imagine living in a world without lions, nor would they…

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